On view as part of “Grounded: Seeking Connections”

this town is small x Eptek Art & Culture Centre
November 9 – December 24, 2021

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The oceans have been experiencing significant warming for decades now — but what does that look like? Simmering is a series depicting the temperature change in the Arctic Ocean, the North Atlantic Ocean, and in Epekwitk/Prince Edward Island over the artist’s lifetime so far (1985–2020). Based on temperature data visualizations created by climatologist Professor Ed Hawkins MBE using the Berkeley Earth temperature dataset (; #showyourstripes), this body of work was made using digitized pieces of fabric from the Whitten family stash, collected over the last 80+ years.

This series initially began as a meditational practice to aid the artist in processing the immensity of the climate crisis. While the elements of each of these works and what they represent will hold different meaning for different people, the big picture remains the same for us all: it’s getting hot in here.

“Boiling frog syndrome” has long been invoked as a metaphor to describe a failure to act against a problematic situation which will increase in severity until reaching catastrophic proportions.

Simmering (Boiling frog syndrome)
L-R: Arctic Ocean; North Atlantic Ocean; Epekwitk/Prince Edward Island

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