“What does islandness mean to you?”


Creative notes and mixed-media video in response to an audience discussion around the meaning of ‘islandness’ and personal stories relating to island experiences.

‘Islandness V’ Panel Session:
Laurie Brinklow, Kathryn Burnett, Joy Davis, Lynda Harling Stalker,
17th International Small Islands Studies Association Conference.

Canvas: Digital collage of island imagery (Prince Edward Island/Epekwitk, Newfoundland/Ktaqmkuk, Orkney)

Many thanks to my Island Studies colleagues for the invitation to create this piece and, most importantly, to those who shared their stories and contributed to our conversation. The resultant piece belongs to us all, in a way, so I invite you to download a full-size copy of this image here. You are welcome to share it widely – I just ask that you please credit me if you do. You can find my social media links on my Contact page.

One last note – as I’ve been playing a lot with mixed digital media recently, some of these contributions and themes are likely to be incorporated in future pieces. If you would like to know when/if that happens, please get in touch and I will keep you posted!

VIDEO (w/ sound):